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A Valentine’s Day in Ukraine

A couple holding red balloons.
Dating a Ukrainian woman this Valentine's could mean an adventure in Ukraine.

The largest country in Europe is home to the Tunnel of Love, the world-famous natural train tunnel. Part of an industrial railway near the city of Klevan, it is a romantic spot that is coveted by many.

For several years, this enchanting place has proved to be a vision, as it deliberately earned the spotlight and is now a pride of the Ukrainians.

If you want to visit and experience the place yourself, you’re certainly not to blame. But is there any better way to do so other than dating a Ukrainian woman?

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

This romantic holiday goes way back to the fourth century, in a celebration called Lupercalia, which took place on the 15th of February, where Roman priests traditionally offer an animal as a sacrifice with hopes of fertility.

On the same night, single women write their names in a large urn which are later drawn by worthy bachelors. As a tradition, couples then decide whether to get married or not.

A famous personality popularly linked to the holiday is St. Valentine. He was an oppressed Roman priest in 270 B.C. who later on became the patron saint of lovers. He was prosecuted for performing secret weddings against the order of the government.

According to theory, the church gave regard to the day of his martyrdom as a means to Christianize Lupercalia, which is annually held in the middle of February, now known as Valentine’s Day.

Common Holiday Symbols

Holiday symbols make Valentine’s a lot more meaningful. In Ukraine, you’re likely to see flowers, hearts, and cupid’s arrows displayed in shops, malls, and other public spots, just like in other countries.

Although not an official holiday in the country, it is still a bustling workday for most people, especially those who sell chocolates, flowers, cards, jewelry, and other items relevant for the celebration.

Couple holding glass flutes.
One exciting thing about international dating is you get to celebrate the day of hearts differently.

A Romantic Ukrainian Holiday

What makes a perfect Valentine’s celebration?

There’s a good chance you all have different answers to that question. Some might say it’s a romantic getaway, while some believe that a candlelit dinner always remains a classic.

Regardless, dating in Ukraine this Valentine’s can surely make your celebration uniquely exciting. Why, you ask?

Look up these following romantic spots and you’ll find out:

  1. Odessa: Heart of Lovers

    Found near the Good-mother bridge, this heart-shaped sculpture in Zhvanetsky Avenue is an attraction for a lot of couples. Since love locks became a hit in the past few years, lovers made it a habit to write their names together as a representation of their love.

    If you’re fond of taking pictures, a single pose with her, and the heart seen in the background, would be a great idea.

  2. Uman: Sofiyivsky Park

    This park is one of the most-visited spots in Ukraine. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but it also serves as a memory of the beautiful love story between Count Stanislaw Potocki and Zofia Potocka, a Polish noble.

    Centuries ago, a passionate romance sparked between the two, despite Zofia being a wife to another man and Stanislaw a husband and father to his own family. The Polish military commander who stole the heart of Zofia eventually divorced his wife at the time, just as she did the same to her husband.

    Because Potocki was always charmed by the beauty and wits of his new wife, who missed seeing the landscapes from her homeland, he decided to build a landscape park just to make her happy.

    In one of the park’s columns, the words “To Zofia from her love”, are carved in it.

    Now, isn’t that romantic?

  3. Lviv: Italian Patio

    One of the benefits of international dating is getting the chance to experience and learn an entirely different culture from yours. Other than the fact that you get to be with a great woman from Ukraine, it’s just wonderful to discover the world from a new perspective.

    Located in the heart of the city, feast on the stunning beauty of the architectural monument of the Renaissance. Often associated with the romantic courtyards of Florence and Rome, take photos of the place with your woman.

  4. A couple on a picnic.
    An interracial relationship is less likely to fail if partners are ready to face struggles together.

    Ternopil: Island of Lovers

    The Island of Lovers is one of the most romantic spots in the country. It is adorned with cozy benches, willows, birches, and even poplars.

    In winter, the whole pond freezes up, and if you love the ice, you can always go over it.

But as much as you’d want to see more of the country, it also pays to know more about the dating culture in Ukraine.

Now, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Learn to steer.

    You heard it right. The dating culture in Ukraine encourages men to man up. Most Ukrainian ladies prefer masculine men. As they say, if you want a feminine woman, you have to be a man yourself.

    When you’re in a relationship, you need to be a decisive partner. You have to show her that you’re aware of what you’re getting into and that you trust yourself in decision-making.

    After all, the key here is to wear your confidence, and take control.

  2. Embrace spontaneity.

    Ladies in Ukraine have a lot on their plate. Most of the day, they attend university or work long hours for a lousy job, then fulfill their familial obligations afterward.

    Having said this, handling a relationship plus a man to look after isn’t what they’re looking for. If you want to be and remain in their lives, make sure you don’t become a burden yourself.

    For them, unplanned dates in the middle of the day or a quick bite right before going home is common. As you can see, they have quite a preference for spontaneous things.

In short, ladies in Ukraine are straightforward. They are relationship-minded so you have to worry less about meeting women who are up to no good. Even in the early stages of your relationship, they assess whether you’re a man they can be with romantically.

Just like you, a long-term partnership is what they have in mind as well.

To make this year’s Valentine’s celebration extraordinary for you, visit the open doors of Ukraine and you might just meet the woman of your dreams.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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