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Craigslist vs. Ukraine Ladies - Women Seeking Men

With the help of this generation’s advanced technology, communication between two individuals situated in different parts of the globe has been made more accessible and simpler. Along with this, online matchmaking sites have come to life with the goal of helping single individuals find true love. These matchmaking services have become people’s haven in finally meeting the love of their life whom they will tie the knot with.

In Ukraine, two of the numerous sites that have basically made an impact in the matchmaking industry are Craigslist and Ukraine Ladies. Both of these sites offer matchmaking and dating services; however, there are spotted differences that may change one’s choice for choosing the best marriage and matchmaking site.


Craigslist personals

Technically, Craigslist is an American classified ad company catering sections such as sales, gigs, housing, jobs and services to people. One of its section is the personals section where you can find men and women who have the hopes of absolutely finding genuine love.

In Craigslist, positive reviews were given, but negative feedbacks were also thrown against it, especially to its dating option. With that, most reviews in the said site seem unsatisfactory when you take a closer look at it.

Personals are Random

If you try to visit sites in Craigslist and browse through them, you can observe that most of the sites do not actually bear specific company names. Given that, the personals in the said site are basically managed by the account owners themselves and not by any Craigslist staff.

With that being said, scams and unverified identities are flooding in the site. Since the personals in the site are not verified, netizens are afraid to be victimized by scammers. Netizens, doing whatever they can to avoid such dishonest things, is making Craigslist gaining substandard rates.

Indeed, security is not guaranteed in this site and it is actually a burden for all the users. If anything bad happens, there is no one to be held accountable of. With this alone, Craigslist sites have failed in terms of safety and security standards.

Profiles are Not Verified

As mentioned above, some profiles being posted on these sites are not authentic enough since those are not verified by Craigslist staff. Probably, there is no one assigned to do the technical and accountable verification in the first place.

In the social media platform, it is truly a must that users’ profile verification should be taken into account. It will be the basis of all the netizens’ security who wish to register in Craigslist sites. Otherwise, scammers will flood in.

In connection, fake profiles and images are easier to be done that way. This results to people losing dollars in their own wallet. Considering that most social media users these days are vigilant enough to detect scams, sites like Craigslist were more likely to have lesser clients than any other existing matchmaking sites.

Meetups are Not Secured

Putting yourself at risk will possibly happen if and when you meet someone stranger whom you have just known through dating sites. Given this, clients might end up meeting with scammers, kidnappers, or worst, even murderers.

This is due to the reason that Craigslist is very open to anyone in the internet without verifying one’s account. Craigslist sites failed in their goals of having countless clients because of that. The site’s goal had turned upside down resulting to unsatisfactory rates.

Ukraine Ladies

Ukraine Ladies personals

Ukraine Ladies is one of the most respected foreign singles introduction and tour services worldwide. Mainly focusing on helping women from Ukraine who are sincerely seeking someone who can give real affection and lifetime commitment. These women enlisted themselves up in this site to meet the man of their dreams-- the man who can treat them right and love them unconditionally.

Also, our site has been handled and accessed by several authorized staff who also represent hundreds of beautiful Ukraine girls. By that alone, our site is way too far from Craigslist sites since there are people managing the personals and the site itself. Indeed, Ukraine Ladies is way safer than Craigslist. Our site serves as a vital link for men and women in their endeavor of finding real love and marriage

Host Company

Ukraine Ladies offers romance and singles tours and matchmaking services to people who want to find their match in the most convenient way possible. The presence of the host name guarantees that security is well-established to all clients throughout their journey of seeking a companion in life.

Every important detail about the personals can be seen on the page. Clients, on the other hand, won’t have second thoughts and worries in availing the services the agency provides. Scams never exist in this site as authentication is prioritized here. Since the information provided in the site are all reliable, so as the company itself, clients feel the urge of registering.

Verified Profiles and Personals

Any foreign men from all over the world who wish to avail of the services provided by our site is greatly assured that the profiles presented in our page are genuine. These women have undergone thorough verification from our hands-on staff, hence, there’s really nothing to worry about.

Every client in our site must expect a safe dating haven knowing that the money they have invested wouldn’t go wasted as what Craigslist may have caused.

Meetups are Secured

The company offers tours for men who desire to meet and establish fellowship with Ukraine women in person, hoping to have a deeper relationship that leads to marriage. Also, we offer tour packages which include the arrangements of accommodation and social events. These serve as the place where men and Ukraine ladies meet and get to date and eventually marry each other.

Since safety is guaranteed in our site, clients won’t have any burden when they decide to meet the woman of their interest. Surely, the women they have seen on the page will be the same women they will get to meet during the tours. Our responsible staff are the ones arranging the accommodation and meetups of foreign men and Ukraines ladies through our singles vacation. Here, security is never an issue.

For more information, browse our site and register for free to have a bigger chance of meeting your Ukraine bride who is patiently waiting for committed men like you. Grab this opportunity now!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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