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Why Women Find Single Dads Irresistible

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Women are attracted to single dads.

This statement was validated by the dating app Zoosk after they surveyed over 3,000 women and analyzed over 300,000 messages.

According to the results, 92% of single women on their website are open to dating single fathers and 55% are “very open” to the idea.

If you’re wondering why women find single dads appealing, this is what the survey found.

Single dads take it slow.

When you are a single dad, you don’t just think about yourself anymore; you also consider your children, especially for something important such as dating and relationships.

You may have even asked these questions while dating someone:

Does she have the motherly qualities my children need?

Can she take care of them when I am not around?

Is she ready to be a mother?

This perspective is what makes you desirable to most women.

Women, in general, have maternal instincts. They understand that your children need time since they know how difficult it is for them to get along with a new mother.

Apart from that, they also need time to prepare for this new life. Being a mother is challenging. They don’t just want to move into your house without equipping themselves with the necessary things your children need.

Hence, they appreciate it when single fathers take the relationship slowly.

Single dads are emotionally mature.

Women want men who are emotionally mature. They don’t want to deal with someone who acts like a child when they are alone and in public. This is why they find single dads irresistible.

Think of it this way. As you learn to become a better dad, you also become a better person.

Instead of only thinking about yourself, your children become the center of your universe. You want the best for them, so you let go of the unhealthy behaviors you learned growing up.

In this case, you gain the necessary qualities that a woman needs in an emotionally mature partner — patient, understanding, caring, and thoughtful.

Single dads are responsible.

Receiving over 40% on the poll, being responsible tops the qualities women find the most attractive in single dads, according to the Zoosk survey.

This is no wonder because aside from having emotional availability, women also want a man who is aware of his responsibilities.

They don’t want to deal with a man who can’t even take care of himself and his duties. They want a partner who knows what to do and how to do it, especially in crucial situations.

In this case, what comes to mind for most women is the responsibility of taking care of children. Since you already experienced the difficulty of balancing your time at work and at home as a single parent, they know that they can depend on you for such things.

You Can Still Find Love as a Single Dad

Being a single dad doesn’t ruin your chances of finding a good partner.

According to what the Zoosk survey found, over 90% of women are open to dating men like you.

As you can see, most women don’t care if you are a single dad or not. Your qualities are what matters to them more than anything else.

So, if you are hesitant to date again, remember that being a single dad doesn’t matter to a woman who loves you for real.

This story was originally published on Medium: Why Women Find Single Dads Irresistible

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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