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Online Dating Leads To Less Divorce

Interracial couple

Many people have reservations about online dating. As an online matchmaker, I’ve heard many heartbreaking stories from clients about their earlier attempts to find love on the internet. But, to be honest, online dating gets a terrible reputation that it does not deserve. I personally know a number of people, who used to be my clients and now turned to be personal friends, who can back me up when I say that finding a lifetime partner online may be successful—in fact, some may be more successful than those who met the traditional way.

According to American researchers from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, online dating “may be altering the dynamics and outcome of marriage itself.” Based on their study as well, they said, more than one-third of marriages in the United States begin with online dating, and those couples may be considerably happier than those who met through other means.

Another study that was submitted to the National Academy of Sciences and conducted by Philipp Hergovic and Josué Ortega, also said that “online dating corresponds with way more interracial marriages and way stronger marriages.”

Here are some reasons that can be seen why online dating leads to successful marriages:

Intentions are usually set clear at the beginning of the conversation.

If you’ve used dating apps or websites, you may have noticed one notable factor: its users are typically honest about their intentions, whether it’s for casual fun or seeking to build a long-term relationship. This is a factor that leads to less divorce— honesty, and transparency.

When meeting individuals the traditional way, it might take months for a couple to realize they want to date. Setting your intentions for a meaningful relationship on your online dating profile can bring you to people who are looking for the same thing, thus increasing your chance of success.

Online dating can foster deep connections faster.

This goes hand in hand with defining your objectives. When you talk to someone who has the same purpose as you, it is much easier to establish a real connection between the two of you.

There will be less likelihood of second-guessing your partner’s intentions, and you will have a better chance of meeting that person one day.

Widening one’s viewpoints when it comes to love and marriage.

Dating apps also enable users to search for an equal, if not a better, partner rather than settle for someone who isn’t a suitable match. Another advantage of internet dating is that you can be highly selective about who you want as a partner.

You may want to confine yourself in a box with your already set ideals or you can broaden your perspective when it comes to finding your perfect match. No matter what, you can always do it your way.

Online dating is not going anywhere, and it’s comforting to know how many people have seen success in it. However, what you need to keep in mind is that stories of success were built with a number of disappointments while also taking the extra mile to make an effort. Online dating cannot stay online if you want it to succeed. You need to go out into the world and take the chance of meeting the love of your life.

This story was originally published on Medium: Online Dating Leads To Less Divorce

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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