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How Ukrainian Women Celebrate Valentine's Day in LDRs

A photo of a woman holding a heart-shaped balloon Ukrainian women want sweet gestures on Valentine’s Day.

If there is one day in the entire year that Ukrainian women get excited about, it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s the one single day where people get to play out their most romantic fantasies, where guys and girls get to play Romeo and Juliet. Unfortunately for those in long distance relationships, it’s a bit more than a balcony that’s keeping them apart.

But just because these ladies are miles apart from their Romeo doesn’t make the day any less celebration-worthy, and Ukrainian girls still expect top-notch romance from their boyfriends. In fact, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day really is about?

If there’s one lesson to take away from Valentine’s Day, it’s that through the most difficult of obstacles and circumstances, love always prevails. The legend of how this special day came to be states that Saint Valentine secretly married lovers against the decree of Emperor Claudis II.

Valentine’s in Ukraine

In order to make the day a success despite the long distance, it’s important to know what Ukrainian women want and how Valentine’s is particularly celebrated in Ukraine. Valentine’s Day is relatively new in the country compared to the rest of the world, having been celebrated since around its independence in the 90’s. Nowadays, they celebrate in very much the same way as the rest of the world. The only difference is the women, of course!

Ukrainian women are classically feminine and they are proud of it. On Valentine’s, they assume the role of Juliet and expect their man to be their Romeo. Whatever gesture they expect on this day, it has to be big.

Aside from the cards, flowers, chocolates, and gifts, they expect to be wined and dined, or brought to a concert or a romantic walk in the park. Many men even find this day a perfect opportunity to propose!

The Perfect Long Distance Date

Every man needs to know how to show love in a long distance relationship, especially on Valentine’s Day. In fact, with the internet and today’s technology, there’s no excuse not to! If you have a long distance partner in Ukraine, the first thing you can do is order gifts online to be delivered to her address.

Make sure you order her flowers. Roses are safe, but any kind will do. Ukrainian women LOVE flowers. They’re your safest bet! You can also order chocolates or even jewelry. Just be aware, jewelry can be seen as a sign of commitment, so always make sure that it’s something you want to give.

Another thing you can give is a handwritten Valentine’s card. Nowadays, it can be considered old-fashioned and it will take time to reach her destination, but that’s even more reason to get her heart fluttering.

The cherry on top would be to set up your online Valentine’s date or dinner. Go to any reputable online restaurant or food caterer and have dinner sent over to her place. Oh, and don’t forget the wine!

Make sure dinner is set up on your end as well, with a Valentine’s Day movie to boot. Call her via any video-messaging app and there you have it, a virtual Valentine’s dinner date with your Ukrainian girl.

Always remember, even if the food comes a little late, or the flowers are a bit disheveled, or the internet connection is bad, Ukrainian women will still appreciate the effort. So don’t let distance keep you apart and have a very romantic and love-filled Valentine’s Day!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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