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ESCAPE The Friend Zone : How to Attract a Ukrainian Woman

low-angle shot of a man and woman sitting side by side Find out how you can bring your friendship with a Ukrainian woman to a romantic level.

You and the Ukrainian woman from Kiev, Ukraine you’ve met online have an open platonic relationship. Somehow, she is content staying that way. However, you have great chemistry and your trust with one another is so deep that you can show her a side of you that you don’t show anyone else, especially when you only have each other for company.

You try your best to remain friends with the Ukrainian woman because you already shared countless memories from emergencies to fun times. You can freely go crazy and show your layers to one another or with your group to the point of saying you’re in some ways, the truest of friends.

However, deep down you want more. What started out as Ukrainian woman friendship has evolved into something else and you want to take the relationship to the next level before you get in the friend zone too deep.

But at the same time you don’t want to lose your camaraderie. Fortunately, there are many ways you can cross over the platonic level to romantic level. Check them out, such as:

Take initiative

This is the most crucial step to take your relationship to the next level. If you decide you want to be more than friends, make sure you are prepared to risk her friendship over it. Start by letting her know of your intentions.

Don’t avoid the subject with her either. When you confess, make sure you’re direct to the point. If you do, you might get lucky and she’d return your feelings. And if you play your cards right, you might end up with her out of all the Ukraine people you’ve encountered and find yourself marrying a Ukrainian woman.

Ask her out!

What’s the point of pushing the relationship forward if you won’t even ask her out on a date? Maybe ask her out for dinner with the two of you alone in one of the Ukraine cities. You may have a lot running on in your mind about your supposed friendship but get into your senses and stop torturing yourself.

Taking her out on a date allows her to see you in a different light and also lets both of you picture out where your relationship can go. You can also find out whether you are compatible as romantic partners or simply need to remain friends. Either way, you can learn a lot by dating.

Do something different together

Give your usual hang out a romantic twist. Yes, make it feel like a date. Put down your game plans and go out for a drink in a cafe or a bar.

You can take her to one of the romantic spots or streets in Odessa Ukraine to take a walk, a drink, or a chat but now with a different perspective. Perhaps, if you get past the awkwardness in the transition, you’ll be more than friends on your return trip.

Dress out

You may want to maintain your style and identity, but try tapping more into your masculine side. If you’re already in good shape, maintain the grooming that suits you. However, being manly is not just physical. It addresses traits that you can build in your entire lifetime.

Get your flirt on

It would be weird if you abruptly transform from a super chill friend to a guy who acts coy. Don’t change your behavior around her overnight and start flirting right away. You can start by complimenting her looks or implying that you wouldn’t mind ending up with her. The point is you’re making little steps so she regards you differently—romantically, even.

Show you care

Crossing the line from a platonic friendship to romantic relationship demands that you express your care to her more than before. Make sure that you make her feel cared for more than a friend on a weekly basis.

You can give her handwritten cards or notes, or buy her little presents to show that she is in your mind. And although difficult to get out of your mouth, you can ask her, “How can I make you feel loved and appreciated?” This may surprise her but it may create a closer bond between you, especially if she feels that you’re asking sincerely and genuinely.

Tell her what you want out of the relationship

Next thing that you should do is reassure her that you want to maintain the friendship even if you two are dating.

Most probably, you already have a foundation of trust and openness to each other. Neither one of you will want to lose that friendship, which makes it more crucial for you to assure her as your partner, that you are glad you took the next step, and of the fact that you are now dating. Just because your relationship status changed doesn’t mean your treatment towards each other has to.

Meet the family

Her parents and siblings (if she has any) are the people that know her best. By meeting them, you can make your intentions clear and ask for advice on how to win her heart.

At the same time, they also have a good impression of you because you bothered to ask what’s best for their daughter. Besides, there’s no harm in getting in their good graces. Befriending them might just encourage them to push their daughter towards you. When winning one’s heart, you’ll need all the help you can get.

Stay open to other possibilities

If you still feel like you haven’t made enough progress, then perhaps you should consider making yourself available for other women.

There’s no point in forcing something that isn’t there at all. Just because she turned you down doesn’t mean you should go your separate ways.

You’ll just have to be content with being her friend. Besides, there are plenty of other Ukrainian women to choose from.

If all else fails or she’s just not ready yet, be patient! There is always the right timing for everything. Just keep up with your friendship and see what the future may bring.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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