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How to Honor Your Partner This Couple Appreciation Month

“You expect me to put you on a pedestal?

You, who spends half your life watching movies and series with a large amount of white cream on your face?

You, who loves to argue with me about most of my decisions?

You, who suddenly gets angry when I fail to put the trash out?”

Says the man to his partner.

In this scene, the man focuses only on the shortcomings of his partner, arguing that he shouldn’t give her the respect that she deserves.

This is true in many relationships. Partners are often engrossed with the negative traits of their other half that they seldom forget how valuable their partners are.

This shouldn’t be the case. You have to value your partner highly - to see her as extremely important and of great worth along with all of her imperfections.

In scripture, the honoring your husband’s verse tells us that a woman should subject herself and obey her man. But “wives honor your husband” doesn’t just teach us how to honor your husband biblically, or vice-versa. It is sound marriage advice that resonates with us even to this day.

The act of honoring should be mutual and reciprocal. The man should understand his woman. And though they are different, he should realize that they are both equal.

When one partner honors the other, the receiver feels secure in the relationship and responds in many positive ways.

It’s difficult to uphold the respect your partner deserves consistently - especially when you get into fights. So practice it meaningfully everyday.

Honor Is an Action

Honor is not really honor unless it is expressed and demonstrated. Convey honor through words and actions. If you want to show appreciation and respect to your partner you have to act on it.

Here are a few suggestions to show honor:

A photo of a woman embraced.
Show your partner how much you honor her by doing simple acts that make her feel valuable.

Speak Kindly to Her

What matters isn’t always what you say but how you say it. Yes, you have to be honest with your partner but do so in a way that doesn’t hurt the feelings of the person you love most.

One key factor that can change a relationship from tough to terrific is to speak with kindness in all your day-to-day bustles.

Your partner can be very annoying at times and choosing to be kind to her in moments like this is hard. However, you have to try and be kind if you truly respect and value her in your life.

Compliment Her Daily

Compliments make us feel good - both giving and receiving them.

Telling your partner how beautiful she is or how good she looks can make her feel better about herself and increase her self-confidence as a woman. Always take a moment to appreciate her.

This doesn’t only give her encouragement but it changes how you think towards her. It’s a win-win situation.

Don’t Discuss Her Shortcomings with Others

Don’t commit the mistake of revealing her shortcomings to others. If you do so, you degrade her in their view. You and your partner have differences. You aren’t perfect, and neither is she. And none of that is anyone else’s business.

If you think her shortcomings are causing your relationship to run slow then tell her about it instead of telling other people about it.

Speak Highly of Hers to Others

Even when she is not around, let other people hear about and know how much you value her.

While at a friends’ get-together or family gatherings, say something special about her or brag about her to them.

How much you value her shouldn’t have to be a secret. So take pride and edify your partner.

Don’t Compare Her to Other Women

If you don’t want your partner to end up leaving you, then don’t compare her to others.

She is different from others and you choose her because you love her. She might act differently but that is part of the reason why you choose her in the first place. Love her along with her flaws.

Tell Her What She Means to You

Value her by showering her with the sweetest of words.

Women want to hear your words. Your sweet words that are only meant for her. It can make her day a little less difficult.

Try to give in and don’t be too hard on telling her how important she is to you and how much you love and appreciate her.

A photo of a couple lying on a bed.
Give her your undivided attention by simply talking to her.

Take Notice of Her Good Qualities

Take into account all the good qualities that make you fall in love with her. And appreciate that. Celebrate her qualities that make your relationship much stronger and happier.

Make a list of all the things you admire about her. If you choose to look at her positive side, you will see her as a wonderful treasure.

Take Influence from Her

Admit it or not, you are not always right.

Let your partner be your guide when you believe that what she does is correct and is helpful to you and the relationship. Don’t be too hard-headed and follow her way instead of sulking and trying to stand on your point that won’t take you somewhere productive.

Be Accountable in All the Things You Do

Inform her on most of the things that you do.

For example, you are supposed to meet at a certain time, say at 11 in the morning but you are still caught up with an emergency. You can at least inform her so that she won’t be worried or worse get mad at you.

If you wronged her, apologize. When your partner knows that you value her enough to humble yourself and say you were sorry, she feels honored.

Being responsible means letting your partner know. This shows respect in your partner as a person and as someone that you love most.

Promise to Honor

Honor is just like love. Saying it once is not enough. Your partner needs to know that your promise to honor her will not fade in time. You must both commit not just once, but over and over that each of you will consider the other to be the most valuable person in your life, worthy of honor.

Always look at your partner as a gift from above or your priceless treasure.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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