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One of a Kind Souvenirs from Ukraine | Ukrainian Travel

An aerial view of a city in Ukraine. Buy the best souvenirs you can only find in Ukraine!

The vast land area of Ukraine cradles some of the most beautiful places you could ever go to. With its highly preserved culture and tradition, you can easily understand how the country is remarkable on its own, as people never fail to proudly show the world where they came from.

Situated in Eastern Europe, it is home to seven World Heritage Sites and manifests the grandeur of Orthodox Cathedrals all over the country. It is a country mostly known for its Sea of Azov and Black Sea coastline.

Western Ukraine takes up about a quarter of Ukraine and is hailed as being the wealthiest region and the most developed among all, given its close rapport with Central Europe.

While you might have been wondering where to go next for your international travel vacation, Ukraine saves the day! Yes, traveling to Ukraine will surely open doors to things that you would never expect you would get to experience someday. There, you get to be in awe with the country’s beauty and the other wonders it brings.

No one would ever blame you for wanting to bring Ukraine inside your pockets when you get back to your home country. But, is this even possible? Yes. It certainly is.

Entering Ukraine, there are just tons of things to see, delicacies to try, places to visit, adventures to experience and a lot more.

If you are in Ukraine, spare a few bills to get to bring some of these popular Ukrainian products that you can surely bring home as souvenirs:


Sweet honey placed in a clear glass. Make someone smile with this sweet honey from Ukraine.

With its rich geographical location, Ukraine possesses fertile soil and a rich variety of plants that are just ideal and perfect for honeybees; thus making Ukraine as the largest producer and exporter of naturally-made honey in the whole of Europe.

Even with its rich quality, Ukraine’s honey is inexpensively priced, making it even more sought-after by tourists and locals themselves. If you are visiting Ukraine, you’ll find it that honey is one of the best cheap things to buy in Ukraine.

Once tasted, you’ll always want for more. So don’t ever forget to bring jars of honey home to share with your family and friends!


Nothing more could tell a lot about Ukraine and its culture other than this embroidered shirt souvenir, called the Vyshyvanka. It is a part of their national costume, and has always been made with a great sense of pride from the Ukrainian people.

Traditionally, it is beautified with different mesmerizing patterns of wonderful color combinations, with marks of red, black, and blue motifs. It is also distinctive to each region in Ukraine, as each has their own unique pattern. How much of a wonder is that?

Roaming the streets in Ukraine, you’ll find out just how beautiful Ukrainian women look and breathtaking with that costume of theirs that will surely capture your heart. As valuable as it is, Vyshyvanka is specially handcrafted by its makers which makes it even more exceptional.


Another distinctive piece of Ukrainian clothing that makes the list is the Gerdan. The Gerdan is worn around the neck, as it is a traditional necklace made of beads and shows bright and beautiful patterns. You’re most likely to see Gerdans covered in geometric or ornamental patterns .

Other than its beauty, it has always been believed to be a powerful talisman for both men and women in Ukraine. The Gerdan also makes up the traditional Ukrainian costume along with the Vyshyvanka.

Even with the inevitable forward progress of years, the Gerdan has remained in possession of its beauty as it gets even more popular and sought after by beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Despite it being a part of the country’s national costume, the Gerdan goes perfectly with casual clothes in the present day.


The process of making pysanka. Be in awe with these amazing pysankas from Ukraine.

Pysanka are the Ukrainian version of Easter eggs. As a widely celebrated occasion across the different parts of the globe, the Pysanka is known to complete the Easter celebration in Ukraine.

People from Ukraine decorate it with colorful astonishing designs and patterns that are symbolic to the batik method, which is a country’s folk design made from wax. Along with the beliefs and traditions of the Ukrainians, a pysanka is also perceived to possess and bring wealth, fertility, love, and health to the person to whom it is given.

On most occasions, pysankas are made and given as gifts to families and friends during Easter. If you are dating a Ukrainian girl, this is certainly an incredible item to gift her.

In addition, they are great for your families and friends back and they will surely appreciate your giving of pysankas to them, thus buying a few pieces will make your Ukrainian travel a remarkable one indeed.

Petrykivka Painting

Petrykivkas in display from a Ukrainian souvenir shop. Art and culture is proudly presented by the Ukrainian through these wonderful petrykivkas.

One of the most famous things to buy in Ukraine are the Petrykivka paintings. The Ukrainians’ love and fondness for patterns and colors continue to be manifested in these souvenirs. These paintings are handcrafted with magnificent stylized images of birds, fruits, and flowers.

These paintings can be seen almost everywhere, as it can be on the surfaces of plates, vases, spoons, and even caskets. The origin of Petrykivka is found to be in the Dnipropetrovsk Region in Ukraine, but the item is famous to the country as a whole.

Do take note that this souvenir specially made and designed can only be bought from Ukraine, so grab the opportunity of getting one!

Kiev Cake

The remarkable and famous Kiev Cake from Ukraine. Take delight from this well-known delicacy from Ukraine, the Kiev Cake!

If you get to visit Kiev, trying the distinctive Kiev Cake is indeed a must. It is something that you should not miss when in Ukraine. It is considered to be the most authentic souvenir you could ever get, considering how tasty it is.

This is popular with both locals and tourists, as many love and enjoy it to indulge in its wonderful taste.

Experience Ukraine!

Now that you have gotten to know the souvenirs you can only get in Ukraine, grab any opportunity you can to get some of these in your hands. With all these items to mark the rich culture and traditions of Ukraine, it will definitely become a country you will never forget.

As you get to different places around the world, you will always look for the beauty Ukraine has, once you get to fully experience this amazing country.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
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